Unity Projects

Hack, Slash, & Backstab

I helped to work on the UI and UX for this cooperative couch co-op dungeon crawler. It was debuted at GDC 2016, and has gone on to claim the 3rd place award for Visual Quality in the 2016 Intel University Games Showcase.

Procedural Generation

This is a project I'm currently working on in my free time. It randomly generates terrain, and some combination of grass, water, ice, and snow, which are dependent on the season. I'm currently working on, and have established the framework for, dynamic weather, changing seasons, and a dynamic day/night cycle. Eventually, I hope to turn this into a turn-based strategy game. This was created in Unity, and written in C#. To see what I have at present, go here.

(Scroll to zoom, 'W' and 'S' to move forward and backward, 'Q' and 'E' to rotate left and right).

Jump The Gun

This was a first-person shooter I helped make as part of a group project. It has networking built in, so you could play a multiplayer match with someone nearby if you wanted. This was created using Unity, and is written in C#. Try it out here.

Web Projects

Magic Card Database

This is a simple web app which allows you to search a database of Magic the Gathering cards via a number of means. This was created using HTML5, CSS, and JSON. Check it out here.

Music Generator

This is a fun little web app we developed just press the tiles, and it makes music for you. Not the prettiest project I've made, but it functions well. This was constructed using HTML5 and JavaScript. As always, try it out here.

Other Projects


This is a (very) simple tower defense game I made with some classmates a few years back. Note that this is a .zip file, so unlike my other projects, you'll need to download this one. This was created in Visual Studio, using XNA. And here it is.

Holodeck Project

This was a project that I (along with a few other students) put together for Imagine RIT. The intention was to simulate an interactive 3D environment. I was the lead dedicated programmer for the project, and it was written in C# using Unity.